Welcome to the Campaign to raise awareness of Climate Justice!

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We will be posting a calendar of events; also more information as the campaign develops.

This welcome page explains our aims and objectives.
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Climate Justice
Newspaper Published
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Sponsored and publicised by the FairPlay Social Justice Network in north Oxford.

FAIRPLAY is a network of about 30 organisations in Summertown, Wolvercote and Cutteslowe, north Oxford, working on a range of social justice issues.

Last year we have decided to work on a campaign to raise awareness of, and encourage commitment to Climate Justice.

The Campaign was launched on 25th June 2018 and run in and around Summertown, Wolvercote and Cutteslowe from late June/early July 2018 to the beginning of 2019, taking in the next international conference on climate change in Poland in December and the responses that follow it.


Climate Justice is about sharing the burdens of climate change equitably and fairly across the globe. At present those who are least responsible for climate change stand to suffer the most. That will be true for our children and grandchildren of course, but it is already true for many people in poorer, low income countries and for marginalised people and communities within middle-income and wealthy countries. Countries like ours have contributed most to greenhouse gas emissions whilst others who have contributed least will suffer the gravest consequences. Rising sea levels and rising temperatures, for example, bring with them increased risks of floods, droughts and fires, threatening people`s land, their homes, their crops, their cattle and livelihoods and even their lives. Wealthier people and communities have money to adapt but many people have few resources to defend themselves and no alternative to their traditional ways of earning a living now under serious threat. They could experience food scarcity, increasing poverty and conflict and be driven to migrate in search of a safer life.


It certainly means cutting emissions in this country as fast and deeply as we can. It also means caring for the environment and eco-systems, cutting our use of plastics, and cleaning up the air in our towns and cities. But we have to go beyond that.

Climate Justice also means providing aid that helps poorer countries and communities to deal with climate-related emergencies and to adapt: through developing new forms of agriculture for example. It means supporting economic and trading arrangements that help to reduce the unequal distribution of wealth around the world. It means trying to understand and respond sympathetically to people who migrate in search of a better and safer life. It means recognising that disinvesting in fossil fuels (coal and oil for example) is necessary, but can lead to a serious loss of income for some countries. So justice means sharing skills, technology and training, and RE-investing in renewable energy and other industries so that every country can make the transition to low-carbon, sustainable ways of earning a decent living.

Our Climate Justice Campaign is NOT aimed at making people feel bad and helpless, but at raising awareness and suggesting practical and accessible ways in which they can be Climate Justice Champions.


Besides this WEBSITE we are producing a campaign NEWSPAPER for distribution especially at campaign events bearing the campaign LOGO with an explanation of Climate Justice, pictures and stories, and a whole lot of suggestions for action, from being a Climate Justice Cyclist to a Climate Justice Switcher or Shifter or Shopper or Blogger or Artist or Teacher or Voter etc. There will also be a printed BAND (or 'ribbon') to go with it for people to wear on the wrist or their clothes as a sign that in one way or another they are a Climate Justice Champion.

Besides the newspaper there will be a FLIER for wide distribution to the public together with a small POSTER bearing the campaign logo for people to display in their windows and, we hope, a piece of PUBLIC ART on prominent display probably in Summertown, to attract attention.

Keep checking this website for further information, resources and ideas.


There will be a series of events throughout the campaign including concerts, well known speakers and panel discussions, displays, demos, street theatre and exhibitions all highlighting the Climate Justice theme. Full, up-to-date details will be found on this website.

If schools, voluntary organisations, churches, businesses, members of FairPlay or any other groups, institutions or individuals in the area can organise an event, large or small, this would be more than welcome - anything from office or shop displays, concerts, gigs, dance, drama or discussion groups to a pop-up cafe! Please respond to the vision of Climate Justice in whatever way you choose and feel inspired to do so. We will come along and support you and help with your publicity. All we ask is that you give us a five minute slot to explain about Climate Justice and what we are doing about it, have our banner with its logo on display, distribute the Newspaper and Bands (or 'ribbons') to those who attend and perhaps, if appropriate, have a bucket at the door (although these are not fundraising events we do have expenses to cover)! Please let us know what you plan to do (contact details below). A campaign organiser would be very happy to visit and talk over ideas.


Whilst we want everyone In our community, young and old, to be inspired by the vision of Climate Justice, and respond to it in their own way, we would especially like schools, churches, other community groups and individuals to create works of art responding to the challenge of Climate Justice and the vision of a fair and sustainable world. They can be large or small. We will arrange for them to go on display later in the campaign in one or more venues in the local area and possibly central Oxford. We may even ask some local artists to award a few gold, silver and bronze Climate Justice medals! Again please contact us and let us know your plans.


The FairPlay Climate Justice planning team particularly thank all those contributors to the Campaign who have selflessly offered their support, expertise, time and talents to the Events; to financial support from the Midcounties Co-operative Society, the Summertown and Wolvercote Partnership of Churches, Low Carbon Oxford North and the Bishop's Outreach Fund from the Diocese of Oxford.